Dec 22, 2011

Product Rave: XOXO, X Out

Hello Everyone, 

Hey so I received this product a few weeks ago in my Influenster VoxBox and paid it no mind until i had an event to attend and woke up that morning with an unwanted visitor smack dab on my cheek. After staring at my new worst enemy for a few minutes  i decided  to give X Out a try this product is designed to.....
 "kill the bacteria that causes breakouts, help banish existing pimples and help leave the skin feeling smooth and looking healthy. X Out™ works to lift away the dirt and grime that can clog pores.  The Wash-In Treatment also leaves behind powerful medicine to help keep pores clean.  Learn more and purchase at  X Out is sold as a 30-day supply and comes with a bonus Shine Control product to help you fight oil all day for $19.95."     
 I used it to spot treat, I applied it to the affected area and let it sit for 10 mins as instructed. While it was on my face my first impression was that it could definitely be used as a mild exfoliator because it has a grain like feel to it, it also had a very cooling affect. After the 10 mins were up I rinsed the cream off and my visitor already had one foot out the door. It was not completely gone but it was reduced by at least 40% with the first use. After using this product for a week (in combination with my Skinsonic)  I have fallen head over heels in love. I would not recommend using this everyday if you have sensitive skin not because its drying, because its not at all, but because for me anyway its a bit harsh for an everyday cleanser. Well that's about it I hope you enjoyed this review, Ill keep you all posted if anything changes.