Oct 30, 2011

Winter Time Blues.

Hello Everyone,

If you got hit with that crazy weather yesterday then you know that winter is knocking and it wants in! So lately I've been trying to figure out what kind of pieces I HAVE to have in my closet this winter. I came across this picture on Honestly WTF  and I just need the blue in my life among other things, but for right now I gotta find this blue in a jacket or an over sized jacket. I also want a pair of riding boots in a tan/brown color. Might hit the thrift store this week and see what treasures I come across. 

Oct 29, 2011

Hair Talk: My Protective Style for Winter!!

Hello Everyone,

 After seeing this picture all i can say is

Hair Talk: Twists Are Gone.

Hello everyone,

I took my mini twists down Wednesday of this week which sucked because i wanted to go a whole 2week. The reason i took them down is because i had an interview and the twists had gotten a bit frizzy, not that i mind frizz, but for an interview i wanted a slick look. But here's a brief chit chat about my mini twist experience.
First week they were amazing i loved every minute of it, the bangs, the shine, the convenience, it was just amazing. The second week is where the problem started; during the weekend I started to itch like crazy. So i washed my twists, I was so upset but that stopped the itching so i guess i had some leftover DC. My only regrets about my mini twists are that I wish I would have stretched my hair before i did the twists and I should have done them i bit smaller but Ill just make sure I do these next time. 

My puff
Ignore the messy closet im working on it

Oct 16, 2011

Hair Talk: Lets do the Twist..Mini that is

Hello everyone,

Yes another post [lol] but I cant help it. This Friday i decided to do mini twist for the first time but was really nervous because I wasn't sure how they would come out, I'm so so soooo happy with the results. I washed with black soap, the DC with DIY: Greek Yogurt DC, moisturized, sealed, then went to work. I started my twists wet; finished half of my head then got tired. So I flat twisted the rest and when i woke up the next morning i realized that the dry stretched hair looked better with the mini twist so i had to do a few over. But i finally finished and this morning I really saw the whole look and i LOVEEEE it.

[p.s. ignore the lightness of my face]

Hair Talk: Playing in CLAY.

Hello Everyone,

I have really cut back on my shampooing, from once a week with sulfate packed shampoos to once a month with black soap mixture. The other day I wanted to try something new for a good good scalp clarifying product and my mind went straight to Bentonite Clay. I started using this product about 2 months ago as a facial treatment, but after doing some research I realized the it was also wonderful on hair. And i love it my hair and scalp were so clean, but always felt good to the touch not hard and stripped. Here are some before and after pictures.

Hair Talk: It's the GREEK in me.

Hello everyone,

First sorry for being gone for so long but Im back and going to stay consistent this time. So lately i noticed i have been skimping when it comes to the protein so i went on a search and found something wonderful. I found a Greek yogurt deep conditioner that makes my hair feel amazing here's the video (courtesy of Naptural85)  if your interested and here are the pictures from my trial and error. 

Bottom line i love this stuff my curls look amazing and there was no need for any outrageous detageling because the yogurt took care of the hard stuff. The only thing i did different was that I didn't use lavender oil I used an oil mix I made.  I think everyone show try this at least once and see how good it works. Well thats it for today thanks so much for reading.