May 18, 2011

Hair Talk: Time To Trim?

Hello everyone,

So as of Saturday May 14th my hair is now 5months old and I turned the big 20 [yayyyyy] Now my "Hair Talk" for today is related to trimming/dusting ends. I was planning on getting a trim when i hit 6 months so every 6 months will be my "time to trim" but i think in getting cold feet. I know a trim would benefit my hair im the best way but i dont feel ready to let go of the little bitty length that i have acquired over this 5 month stretch. Also on top of that i dont know where to go to get the trim because as much as i have learned on how to take care of my natural hair i still dont think i trust my self with sharp objects as far as my hair is concerned. The hair salons around my area dont really indulge in the Natural world and i would hate for a mistake to occur that may stunt my hair journey.

Question: How long did you wait to trim/dust and how did you go about doing it??