May 29, 2011

Box Braids

Yesterday i spent my day watching great classic movies such as love and basketball, light it up, set it off, brown sugar, best man, the wood, and poetic justice and man was it a day filled with so many ups and downs. But any way now i want box braids. Just the whole old school vibe is really calling out to me. I just love the down to earth vibe and a plus is that this can be my protective style for the summer time. No with all of this i have a few cons.

  • I do not and will not pay $1??.00 for a hair style that i might only keep in for 2 months plus school is right around the corner {books, books,books}
  • I know how my African sistas braid and i love my edges 
  • I dont want my thick coily hair to be man handled. 
So to put an end to all of these problems i think im going to take on the task myself. Im going to sit down and focus on the goal at hand, which is long Solange/Poetic Justice type braids for the summer time. Now i know that if i do it by myself i might not get the exact results as the lovely ladies in this post but hopefully the good will over shadow the bad.

Here are a few pics for inspiration: