Aug 22, 2011

Hair Talk: Hair Of The Day.

Hello Everyone, 

I never do anything to my hair, I always run to two strand twists after a wash or co-wash. So yes I'm boring I know....well at least when it comes to my hair. Well not any more from this day on I will try to do a hair of the day or week or something. This will give me a reason to experiment with my hair and styles. Now I would like to present Day 1:

I didnt do at all because as stated earlier "I'm boring" but bottom line I put good ol' two strand twists in for about a week then took them down this morning and these are my results. Very, very defined twists not very big but i think day 2 will change all that. Here are a few pictures of day one:

P.S. I'm 8months natural!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!