Oct 16, 2011

Hair Talk: It's the GREEK in me.

Hello everyone,

First sorry for being gone for so long but Im back and going to stay consistent this time. So lately i noticed i have been skimping when it comes to the protein so i went on a search and found something wonderful. I found a Greek yogurt deep conditioner that makes my hair feel amazing here's the video (courtesy of Naptural85)  if your interested and here are the pictures from my trial and error. 

Bottom line i love this stuff my curls look amazing and there was no need for any outrageous detageling because the yogurt took care of the hard stuff. The only thing i did different was that I didn't use lavender oil I used an oil mix I made.  I think everyone show try this at least once and see how good it works. Well thats it for today thanks so much for reading.