Oct 29, 2011

Hair Talk: Twists Are Gone.

Hello everyone,

I took my mini twists down Wednesday of this week which sucked because i wanted to go a whole 2week. The reason i took them down is because i had an interview and the twists had gotten a bit frizzy, not that i mind frizz, but for an interview i wanted a slick look. But here's a brief chit chat about my mini twist experience.
First week they were amazing i loved every minute of it, the bangs, the shine, the convenience, it was just amazing. The second week is where the problem started; during the weekend I started to itch like crazy. So i washed my twists, I was so upset but that stopped the itching so i guess i had some leftover DC. My only regrets about my mini twists are that I wish I would have stretched my hair before i did the twists and I should have done them i bit smaller but Ill just make sure I do these next time. 

My puff
Ignore the messy closet im working on it