Jun 25, 2011

Hair Talk: Is Going Natural A Trend?

Hello Everyone,

So I know this is not a new topic but it is something i want to speak on. I have read on blogs and watched videos of people saying that "Going Natural" is no longer a thing women do to get back to their roots or feel free, but we women do it now because it is "the thing to do". I for one do not see a problem if women do it because its a "trend" or if they just want to be free; what does it matter. This is a trend that is sweeping the world from models to singers to actresses natural hair is showing up everywhere and if a young girl sees that and says she loves her hair the way it is why should we complain. Going natural brings out a confidence in women that they themselves may not have had. Natural hair is different enough but short natural hair takes a lot of confidence to pull off especially when most of us live in a community where natural hair is rare. Our Afrocentric hair makes us different why would you not want to be apart of something that makes who us black women who we are. 

Ugh i feel as if I'm rambling......bottom line if your going natural for you or because you admire someone else its all good do what makes you happy and if you need any advice id be more then happy to help any way i can.

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